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What is the Voluntary Insurance Program?

VIP is designed and administered by Winston Benefits, a national, full service benefits solution company with more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the supplemental benefits marketplace.  Our products are available with highly preferred underwriting, significant  group pricing discounts and members can pay for them through convenient payroll deductions. VIP uses an integrated approach of consulting, benefit communication, enrollment and administration to ensure success.



The Value of the Voluntary Insurance Program


VIP provides Plan Sponsors with an end-to-end solution for voluntary benefits with a custom-built portfolio, selected from best-in-class vendors:

  • Fill gaps in core benefits

  • Help with retention and recruitment

  • Little or no cost to employer

  • Customized options keep employees happy

  • Add value to compensation package

  • Expanding coverage's to spouse, children, and other dependents.


VIP provides participants with a simple, convenient way to purchase valuable supplemental insurance and  benefits with economical group pricing and preferred underwriting.

  • Fills in for gaps in core benefits

  • Provides financial protection in emergency situations

  • Convenience of payroll deduction

  • Guaranteed Issue. No medical exams

  • Wider range of benefits at affordable group rates

VIP Policyholders


Current VIP policyholders can log into their account to:
  • Choose New Benefits
  • View Current Benefits
  • Access forms and brochures
  • Learn about benefit options

Non VIP Policyholders


Our Licensed Benefits Counselors can provide information about our plans and help you enroll.